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What kind of payment methods are available on ?

Payment methods possible with  :


     Visa credit card

     Master credit card

     American Express credit card

●     echeck

     Western Union




Paying with Western Union

1.    You can easily process payments online using Visa® or MasterCard® or debit card on the Western Union website if you live in the 23 countries listed:

2.    If you do not live in the listed countries, you can find the nearest Western Union agent here:

4.    Fill the form and then submit.

●    Please transfer money to:

Western Union Quickpay Payment Information
First Name:      
Last Name:      
City:                    GuangZhou
Province :          GuangDong 
Country:             China
Address:           104# Zhongshang Road    
Postcode:          510000

    Please be sure that every letter is correct when you fill out the Transfer form.

●    You will receive a receipt with Money Transfer Control Number that will allow you to track your funds.


Make sure all the information is the same as the Money Transfer Form and then submit.

The amount will appear in your account within 3 working days.


Western Union Transfer Fees:


Transfer Amount Service Fee
500 USD 15 USD
500-1000 USD 20 USD
1000-2000 USD 25 USD
2000-5000 USD 30 USD
5000-10000USD 40 USD